Monday, 17 February 2014


The Movie Ambassadors, had their major public gathering on Valentine's day, 14th of February 2014. It was a time for Yoruba movie makers to meet and strategize a way forward for the Yoruba movie industry. And beyong that, the group is open to any movie maker from any region of the country. The interim Publicity Secretary, Yomi Fabiyi, spoke to us on the significance of the group and of the event.

"In what may initially look like a breakaway but now evidently a caucus and gathering of aspiring young film makers who believe the present practice and unethical structure in the movie industry will keep graduating and retiring hardworking and talented filmmakers into poverty and penury.

 The body, The Movie Ambassadors is an agent of change. The body comprising of only youthful film makers not more than 50years wants to re-brand the youths before any meaningful revolution can commence. They are of the opinion that it is only the youths in the industry that can endure the pain that may come in the process of submitting self to change. The body believes it is important the elders and veterans in the industry to be celebrated and well remunerated.

The body which had had few general meetings in Protea Hotel, GRA opined that love is an essential ingredient of achieving this and they can seize the opportunity of Lover's day celebration to announce their emergence and celebrate love, peace and oneness in a low key mode while making efforts to circulate their messages and campaign.

The Valentine outing held around 7pm at Ember Creek Ikoyi, Lagos. The Red Carpet soon began to witness stars' arrival to what is becoming a reality. The venue was filled with lovely thespians and movie marketers, all of whom were dressed in white and red. Kemi Afolabi and Dele Fagboyo anchored the event while only actors with music prowess were only allowed to perform.

"It was a night of fun but the message was clear and loud", says the interim publicity secretary Yomi Fabiyi, who also added that " Transformation takes time, and all young film makers are automatic member, it is about everybody, no segregation. We will sponsor bill with government that will improve the industry, all we need is unity"

The event had stars which included Saheed Balogun, Kemi Afolabi, Yomi Fabiyi, Tayo Odueke, also known as Age Anthony, Aisha Abimbola, Busayo Owolabi, Allwell Ademola, Sikiratu Sindodo, Kayode Oyibo, Gabriel Afolayan, and many renown film makers. However, the attendance doesn't mean that's all the youths involved from the beginning or are already members. Some are unavoidably absent or in a film location they cannot possibly abandon. 

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