Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Fast rising rap-artiste and all round entertainer, Falz the Bahd Guy recently dropped his second official studio album.
This sophomore album is titled "Stories That Touch" and the Bahd Guy whom everyone knows is born with a silver spoon is certain his fans will relate to his life and hustle highlighted in the album.
"The project tells stories that I think everyone can visualize. There are songs there for every individual. The idea is for you to listen and feel like you are the one that i'm rapping about. I want people to enter into the spirit of my music". He said
He also stated that he wants to showcase the depth in his music so that people can look beyond 'Falz the funny guy'.

Yes, he is not only known as Falz the Bahd Guy, he has also found a place in the heart of his fans as Falz the funny Guy. This he proved in 'Jamb Question' music video by Simi. And now we are going to highlight the other side of him that shows 'Falz the style guy'.

Whenever you come across Folanre Falana (Falz) he always wears a gold chain round his neck which he guards jealously. He even jokes that the piece of jewelry is more important than his life. "I am only joking when I say it's more important than my life. It's quite expensive and that is why it's very special to me. As much as it is very valuable to me, I don't wear it to sleep."
On how well he hides this prized possession, he agreed he can break down in tears if anyone including his 'girlfriend' snatched it from him. This his how much loves his fashion pieces.
Also, his funny glasses which deliberately wears without the screen is one of his most prized style possession. "My glasses is also very important to me. It's my signature and my identity. I buy the glasses and remove the screen. Fashion is a way of life and I decided to portray my the image of my identity starting with the screen-less glasses. I started removing the screen of my glasses when I was in the university in the UK, so it's not something I just started because of music."

On why he chose to be known as Falz the Bahd Guy when he looks more like Falz the Cute guy, he explained: "my kind of bad guy is the 'chilled' bad guy. I know people believe the chilled out bad guys are the worse because they are cute on the outside but I am a good man and I am not dangerous. Trust me." 

Although he calls himself the Bahd Guy, ripped jeans can never come top on his list of outfits to choose for the day. "Ripped jeans is not my thing. But I can consider it for a music video. I love skinny pants and I also love to sag a little" he said

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Amuwo Odofin local government is planning big to crown it's first most beautiful face queen come Nov 28, 2015. The local government in collaboration with one of the biggest entertainment club in Amuwo Odofin and festac town, Big Ballers entertainment at a press briefing recently, stated that the pageant was born out of the passion to support Amuwo Odofin youths.

The final competition will take place at Big Ballers entertainment club premises, festac.
Manager of Big Ballers entertainment club and record label, Emeka Igweike, said the models will not only be judged by their looks alone but also judged by their level of intelligence.
One of the organisers and the principal coordinator of concerned youth forum, Amuwo Odofin, Olamide Agbeseyi, explained that part of the programs planned to add colour to the beauty pageant competition will be talent hunt. the talent hunt segment will feature up and coming music artistes and comedians who reside or are indigenes of Amuwo Odofin. They are to perform along side other A-list artistes.
In selecting the best up and coming acts, there will also be an audition. The up coming acts will perform during the shirt intervals when the models may have to change.
A road show also took place the day after the conference to create awareness for the competition.

Sunday, 15 November 2015


Two women of significant impact, set down for exclusive dinner.
Afro-Caribbean beauty,Brand ambassador, Miss-K and Sierra Leone Tourism Minister, Hon. Kadija Seisay, met to uphold massive potential in tourism.

Miss-K & Hon. Seisay, met twice last week, once during her visit to the world Travel Market,
where the political Icon, Hon. Seisay spoke of how she saw the start of a "new future", in her country.

There was clearly a strong bond between the two women ,
as they met again over the weekend for a lengthily friendly dinner.

Miss-K attended the private dinner, wearing a Victorian stylish high collar neck black top with an African print Ankara patchwork skirt,
has a Guest of Honor to the Minister Herself, which was held at the Sierra Leone Sate House by the High commissioner,
His Excellency Edward Mohammed Turay.

Upon arrival at the mansion,Miss-K welcomed Her Excellency,as they embraced each other warmly before the Minister greeted other guests,
such as the High Commissioner himself, along with his Cultural attache, Dr, Seray- Wurie and Sierra Leone Board Tourism General Manager,
Mr Kargbo, just ahead of proceeding to dinner and pray before rejoicing.

In this occasion the dinner was held to celebrate the Minister's visit to the UK and to mark the day of the Ending to the EBOLA virus,
which left close to 4000 people dead in Sierra Leone.

"This will be the beginning of the new future for all of us, provided we can maintain it", Minister Seisay told guests at the table, " We are not on the road yet but we hope to get there as soon as possible with the help and understanding of our friends in the diaspora,by enhancing cooperation coordination between governments, regional and international organisations, the private sector, and civil society actors, to tap the potential of investing in Sierra Leone. Something crucial to the success of the tourism's process is to start this new era welcoming world investors, which will enable a bright future for the country."

Additionally, the High commissioner, Edward Turay, who both belong to the same political party with Hon. Seisay ,praised the Minister for the hard work she has achieved so far, happily expressing his enthusiasm for this new beginning, before Miss-K herself added in a "careful and calibrated" approach, "if we go forward together,
i am confident that there will be no turning back to the road of EBOLA and furthermore it will strengthen
multi-cultural exchange globally."

There is an equally powerful sense that the visit by Honorable Seisay is a game-changer, being one of the highest ranking Sierra Leonean Female official to visit the UK.

Before leaving Miss-K took the time to snaps few shots with tourism board manager,
Mr Kargbo (below)as they exchanged few pleasantries.

Monday, 9 November 2015


                                                                                                                     Label:       Pernia Couture 
                                                                                                                     Designer:  Anna Cole 
                                                                                                                     Origin:      Ghanaian 

Pernia Couture is a Ghanaian based luxury women's fashion brand that aims in fulfilling the modern woman's fantasies in fashion. Pernia Couture is a women's apparel and accessories manufacturer and retailer of pieces ranging from beautiful bespoke gowns, practical yet statement pieces to innovative accessories all inspired by the African culture . 

On an exclusive interview with Emdee David, she spoke more about herself and her Couture:

"I have been working behind the scenes since 2013. I began my love for fashion at an early age. I got originally inspired to pursue a career in fashion after watching my mother, Mrs. Mary Coleman, a seamstress who created rich and vibrant garments. I then went on to study Visual arts, textiles and art, before changing to accounting I was in UK for seven years and returned back home to enable me learn and follow the fashion trends here, I entered the creative space with the label, Pernia Couture. As a designer, I have adopted the saying “La mode se de’ mode” by Jean Paul Gaultier , which means, “Fashion goes out of Fashion”. I have always desired to be a versatile and innovative designer. 

"My debut beads collection, entitled “Grandeur” was handmade taking into consideration ladies like myself who love UNIQUE BOLD STATEMENT bead jewelries with MAJESTIC styles and IMPRESSIVE in appearances . I personally design and create each single piece of jewelry with the hope that you "FEEL UNIQUE" wearing my pieces .

"I Hope to become one of the best fashion designers in the world,  for my label to be known and accepted internationally and to promote the African culture through my work."

Anna Cole is currently enjoying patronage both in Ghana, Nigeria and her brand is being accepted worldwide. She is also working on new and unique designs for that majestic look the ladies would ever appreciate. 

To contact Anna Cole for her products, use the details below:
email: perniacouture@rocketmail.com
Facebook.com/perniacouture81 WhatsApp: +233233234516571 


These are parts of the interior of Linda Ikeji's multi million Naira mansion she bought in Banana Island, Lagos. She is happy sending out these pictures. She is a bundle of joy at the moment. While some are happy with her, others are angered by her flaunting the wealth. Does she care?

Front view of the mansion

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


"Soooooo yesterday at dinner the CRAZIEST THING happened to me. I was sitting enjoying some Chinese food (delicious may I add) and this guy stands next to me. It was only 2 of us sitting at a 4 person table just chatting like we have not seen each other in years. Anyways I digress, so this guy is standing next to me and something (I have now dubbed it my SUPERHERO sense) told me to watch him. My phone was sitting in the chair but I just didn't feel right. He was there too long.

"Is he a customer?" I thought "Is he waiting on the bathroom?" nonetheless I tried to shake his this eerie feeling. However, I kept watching him from the corner of my eye. Than when least expected low and behold this common petty thief grabbed my phone and swiftly left. I looked at the chair, than shouted "Omg that dude took my phone!!" Not thinking I reacted (hence the superwoman photo) I jumped up, weaved my way in and out of the cozy restaurant (leaping over a chair or two) and chased him down.

He began to run but I was too fast. (Those sprints came in handy) I was upon him in a flash! 

In the most menacing yet calm no nonsense voice I could muster I kindly asked him if he "accidentally" took the wrong phone. He stumbled on his words probably not expecting this to happen. While he was thinking of the right thing to say and eventually he said "Gosh you know what I did! It was so confusing in there. I must have grabbed the wrong phone."

Meanwhile My phone was ringing, my superhero sidekick quailman was face timing me so he could not possibly deny the allegations. I swiftly thanked him and left. 

Superhero? Maybe? Or HELL YEA!! I've got the speed the jumps, the power, the body, the seduction, the sex appeal, the strength, the leadership and yet the calm to weather the storm. 

Always listen to your superhero inner voice. Always keep your things close! Fight for what's right. Stand for what you believe in! Be a superhero!
When I got back into the restaurant I received a standing ovation. I was proud. I just showed every man in there I can stand up to bully's and other men. It was a win for the ladies! 

Just because you are a lady don't be afraid to step up to any challenge and not be a victim but a hero! SuperSerena and her sidekick quailman."

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


As the famous Nigerian TV drama "Shuga" launched their 4th series on UK channels tomorrow, Miss-K looked every inch the cute part when arriving at the London MTV premiere, hosted by the MTV staying Alive Foundation in partnership with MTV Base, Gates Foundation, PEPFAR, Elton John Aids Foundation, Unicef, UNFPA, NACA. The stylish exotic Afro-Caribbean Spanish beauty also swapped up her award looks for something a little more flesh-baring.
Miss K on Arrival

Changing up for a more casual look yet inevitably glamorous, Miss-K wore a tight denim jean that hugged every inch of her curves, with her favoured goldy locks, also sporting a revealing tight corseted T-shirt from the Royalty Collection, designed by the Nigerian fashion brand Ajeh designs,
(belonging to 1 of P-Square's brothers) customized by Miss-K herself for the special occasion.
Miss-K worked the camera lens of Excel Pro while a huge host of celebrities and production cast turned-up to support the worthy event.



Thursday, 24 September 2015


Muslim pilgrims who have gone for this year's hajj were met with their dead a Mina near MECCA as they went to "stone the devil" in Kaaba. The act of "Stoning the devil" is an annual Muslim ritual during the Hajj pilgrimage.

The stampede, according to early report, has led the death of over 300 people and over 450 injured.
This is the second tragedy on this year's greater hajji in which multitude died. We recall the first being the collapse of construction crane which fell on the pilgrims and about 107 died including 6 Nigerians, and over 200 injured.

More casualties are been recorded as at press time. May their souls rest in peace.

Sunday, 13 September 2015


The Chief editor and publisher of CKN News, Mr. Chris Kehinde Nwandu, was last week denied bail by a Lagos High Court in the defamation case against him by the MD of Fidelity Bank Plc.  

It was expected that the judge would grant him bail since the case is a "bailable offence". But the judge adjoined the bail hearing till next week again making his family, his wife especially to now cry out to the judge and Nigerians generally to be fair to her husband, who for the past 5 years of running the online news magazine. 

Here is her letter to this effect. Please, read and share as a solidarity to the journalist who many has seen to be credible, his mistake not withstanding. 

“My husband’s right to bail and due process of the law is being abused by the Police at FSU. He has a right to face his accusers in the court and defend himself from the allegations. He appeared three times before the honorable Judge Muhammad Yunusa; each time he was denied bail without reasons. He is being charged with “accomplice to defamation” because he reposted a story of alleged affairs and infidelity involving the MD of Fidelity Bank of Nigeria. Yesterday was the third time my husband’s bail application was postponed. My husband is now very sick at the Ikoyi prison due to the unhealthy and inhuman condition of the prison. His life is continuously under threat and harassment in prison. I am pleading to Nigeria’s Human Rights organizations, The Nigerian Bar Association, Nigerian Union of Journalists, The National Human Rights Commission and Nigerians and world leaders and media organizations to help me seek bail for my husband. If he has been charged with any crime, he should not be in Jail, he should be given his due process and let justice prevail. Please Justice Muhammad Yunusa, let my husband be bailed out so that he would face the charges in court of law, not in Prison. He is innocent until proven guilty. PLEASE SET MY HUSBAND FREE. ALLOW DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW. GRANT MY HUSBAND BAIL NOW”

PS: Mr. Nwandu within the past five years, published over 20,000 stories: none has been libelous. He has also won over 10 local and international awards for outstanding performance in online journalism.

Monday, 24 August 2015



Stardom Calls as SOO Live The Dream™ Talent Hunt Debuts
For many talented young Nigerians who have dreamt of becoming superstars and aspire to fame and fortune, a new music talent hunt project has been born. The new project, SOO Live The Dream™ Talent Hunt, is poised to offer Nigerian youngsters within local communities a platform to bring their musical talents to the spotlight, with this first edition targeted at giving life to the aspirations of music-oriented youths from Esan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency of Edo State, Nigeria.

SOO Live The Dream™ Talent Hunt, scheduled to hold from 17th to 20th September, 2015 is the first of its kind in Nigeria, introducing an array of innovations in talent hunt that will give the participants a chance of a lifetime to kick-start their careers.  

Powered by Hon. Barr. Sergius Oseasochie Ogun (SOO), the Honourable Member representing Esan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency, and organized by Dihoo Records Ltd, the project aims at identifying budding talents in singing and music production.
Speaking to journalists during a pre-event media parley, Oseasochie said that the objective of the first edition of the SOO Live The Dream™ is to promote gainful and socially accepted enterprise among the youth population of Esan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency, as well as to jumpstart the careers of music-oriented members within the target population.

“One of the sectors that have really shown some inspiring growth in Nigeria is the entertainment industry, and the youths are the energy behind this sector that not only brings recognition and honour to the country but also adds a lot of value to the economy,” he said.
Speaking further, he noted that one of the promises he made to his constituency is to empower the youths and  SOO Live The Dream™ is one of the platforms that will be used to launch the careers of the next super stars in Nigeria and Africa. 

The Judges
With thousands expected to take part in the competition, singing their hearts out to prove their mettle in different genres of music, a super select Panel of Judges, comprising Muyiwa Asenuga a.k.a Nomoreloss, Sydney Shocker, Monique D Vibes and Elcee McEdwards would be saddled with the difficult task of complimenting and criticizing the contestants in their search for true talent. It is expected, of course, that they would find some surprises along the way.   

With a unique strong compelling voice and her over seven years’ experience  as an OAP, Monique D Vibes will be looking for that artiste that will rock her mind and make her give a nod to their ambition of joining the stage with Tuface, Davido and P-Square. 

“The task will be enormous; finding that super star will involve looking at every detail, their voice, performance, energy and charisma,” she said.
It sure would not be a problem for the presenter who also has a single to her credit as she will draw from her experience as a judge in several reality shows including MTN Project Fame. 

Multi-faceted and multi-talented artiste and media specialist, Elcee McEdwards, whose creative dexterity has seen him penning down and composing over 70 songs in a musical career spanning over 20 years,  will be on the lookout for uncommon balance and excellence in delivery and mastery of notes.   

“I will be looking for that person that will give me a combination of styles; that is confident and knows it; that will believe in his or herself and sing a song that will make sense. I want that singer that would move from the SOO Live The Dream™ stage to join the A-List artists in Nigeria. That’s who I will watch for,” he enthused. 

With a strong passion for music, two music albums and many recorded studio songs, Elcee will definitely be a tough bridge the contestants will have to cross to get to stardom. 

How to Enter: 
To participate in SOO Live The Dream™, eligible participants are to pick up free entry forms from any of the designated Form Collection Centers or visit the SOO Live The Dream website at http://soolivethedream.com/ to download the entry form online. Completed entry forms are to be submitted at the Form Collection and Submission Point nearest to the intending contestant. The Form Collection Points are: Ubiaja Post office, Edo State. Hon. Barr. Sergius Ogun secretariat, 67 Market Road, Ubiaja. Uromi Post Office, Edo state. 19, Mission Rd, Kuddy Ranky, Opp. 1KD Supermarket, Uromi. 52, Old Agbor Rd, After Iyere Plaza, Uromi, Edo State. Cooperative Fast Food Restaurant, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma. Auchi Poly, Esan Students Meeting Ground, Opp. Man-O- War Base.Unicafe Business Centre, Shop 1, Shopping Center Uniben Main Gate. 

Auditions for SOO Live The Dream™ will take place on Thursday and Friday, 17th to 18th September, 2015 by 8 am prompt. During the auditions, it will be at the discretion of the judges to choose 20 candidates who will go on to the next level of selection, called the Performance Screening.    

On Saturday 19th September, the Performance Screening will take place, during which 10 exceptionally talented contestants will be chosen to slug it out in the next stage known as the Grand Finale. Seven of the 10 contestants will be determined by the judges, while three would be ‘saved’ by the audience who would be guided to choose their three favorite contestants from the remaining thirteen.   

Unlike other talent hunt shows where the winner takes all, SOO Live The Dream™ will afford the 20 contestants an opportunity to attend a one-day seminar, where heavy industry players will coach them on the business of being a recording artiste, music promotions and legal frameworks free of charge.   

The Grand Finale will see the emergence of the winner of the competition and prize presentations by the initiator of the project, Hon. Sergius Oseasochie Ogun.   

The SOO Live The Dream™ Grand Prize winner will clinch a cash prize of N200,000 and an all-encompassing record deal with Dihoo Records, while the 1st and 2nd runner-up will get a promotional contract that would see each of them recording two singles that would be promoted locally along with cash prizes of N150,000 and N100,000 respectively.   

CEO of Dihoo Record, Morgan ‘Diwise’ Uwadileke, who will be present at every stage of the competition, will be looking forward to meeting the next act that will pen down the chance-of-a-lifetime record deal with his music outfit. 

“I am ecstatic, I am optimistic. I am waiting for the next artiste that will sign up with Dihoo, and it’s in your hands,” he told journalists during the unveiling. 

This edition of SOO Live The Dream™ is open to persons between the ages of 18 and 30 (as at August 15, 2015), as long as they are natives of Esan North-East/South-East Federal Constituency of Edo State, Nigeria.
All prospective participants who meet this criteria and submit their application forms on time will be contacted via e-mail and text messages.
Get updates on The SOO Live The Dream™ on our Facebook

And follow on TWITTER:  @soolivethedream

Judges Bio
Elcee McEdwards:
Elcee would best be described as a multi-faceted and multi-talented artiste and media specialist, having competences in writing, editing, public relations, magazine production and online publishing. His creative dexterity has seen him penning down and composing over seventy songs in a musical career that spans over twenty years, with several of his songs celebrated in and around Nigeria.

Considering his very active involvement in media practice that cuts across print media, online media and public relations in the past thirteen years, and his evident leadership and painstaking managerial qualities, Elcee brings an uncommon balance and excellence in the myriads of projects he has been involved with. 

He has worked as Editor and Consultant Editor for a number of print media publications and top-flight public relations agencies, with his work as Editor getting him involved in the planning and execution of several stakeholder roundtables, conferences and seminars.

Aside his involvement as a singer, song writer and music coach, Elcee has had the opportunity of participating in different management, business and media related seminars and conferences, and has served as facilitator and speaker at different productivity seminars organized by Wisdom House, Lagos. 

Teaching and counseling being second nature to him, Elcee has been involved with the House of Elcee (an NGO devoted to the promotion of workplace productivity, responsible sexual behavior, and family values) since his university days, organizing a number of seminars, talks and workshops that explored issues of friendship, love and productivity.
Due to his strong passion for music, Elcee has recorded many studio songs and has two music albums to his credit. He boasts a thorough knowledge of the Nigerian and international music industry.

Monique D Vibes
Monica Aigbe (Formerly Monica Okhihie), a.k.a Monique D Vibes, is a multi-talented OAP with over 7 years in Broadcasting /Entertainment Industry.  A graduate of Theatre Art from the University of Benin, Monique loves nature, reading, singing, entertaining people and playing hard.
Monique started her career at an early age in her secondary school where she got involved in extracurricular activities such as acting, dancing, singing, poetry, fine art and broadcasting at ‘Infinity Radio’ owned by the school. Up on graduation, she did hosting and co-hosting of events, Red Carpets and Voice Over for Radio and Television jingles and adverts.
In 2008, Monique co-hosted the popular television show in the South-South region of Nigeria known as ‘Grand Style’.

Her Professional Career started with SilverBird’s Rhythm 93.7FM Benin in 2008, where she spent 4 years thrilling her listeners with inspiring yet entertaining topical issues. At Rhythm 93.7FM she hosted  “Rhythm and Soul”, “Rhythm of the Night”, “Sunday at the Rhythm” before moving to Vibes 97.3FM where she currently produce and presents programs such as “Vibes Divine”, “Flight973-The Cockpit”, “Daybreak Benin- Community Square”, “Vibespiration”, “Swing Low Show”, “What’s Cooking”.
She has served as a judge for the MTN Project Fame West Africa both in 2013 (Season 6) and 2014 (Season 7) Benin audition and co-hosted the South-South Music Awards (SSMA- 2013)

She has a strong and compelling voice (one of her unique asset), which will sure keep you glued to her programs. She has interviewed a wide range of celebrities from the likes of Tu Face Idibia, Sound Sultan, Dammy Krane, Harrysong, Terry G,Da Prince, Faze, Praiz, Cynthia Morgan, Cyrus Da Virus, Fame, Patoranking, Splash, Waje, Oritze, BNG, Efex the Entertainer, Maleke, Oriri, Lanceslot Imasuen, Dayo of HipOnTv and have worked with Derenle Adun  (Channel O), Adams (SoundCity), Joseph Benjamin (MTN Project Fame West Africa), MacEbi (Saturday Spice), Andy Bello (Lockdown Entertainment/Convener; SSMA) and many more…

•             Best Radio Presenter - Naija Delta Advancement Awards   (Presently)
•             Governor Adams Oshiomole’s Youth of Excellence Awards 2014
•             Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards 2014.

She also has a single “Big Girl” released in 2013.

Monique’s Social Media platforms
 Instagram- @moniquedvibes      
Email:  moniquedvibes@gmail.com      
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Monique D Vibes       

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Kehinde and Augsta 
It was with pain that she spoke to me after sending this material. Anthonia, who had done her best to reach the man who married her sister, Augusta Omotose, and now in  an unknown location with another woman he'd secretly married.

Her in-law, Kehinde Babatunde Ademulewagun, who married her sister in May on 2007 at Living Faith Church, Badagry , has allegedly abandoned his wife, her sister in Benin where she is receiving medical attention, and had gone to secretly marry one Mary Paul. These pictures on this post say it all, but Anthonia with her family, has gone a great length to explain what actually transpired in the past few years.  

Kehinde and Mary Paul on their secret wedding day
According to the family's story, "...Mrs. Augusta Omotose Ademuwagun ...had a dream of living happily ever after with her beloved husband. Augusta is a hardworking young woman who grew from working in the oil and gas industry as a contract staff to pioneering a business Eagles Wing Oil and Gas Ltd, Calabar....she co-opted her husband Kehinde into it. She was happy; her marriage was blossoming, the business was growing. Except for the blessing of children which was delayed, Augusta had the life she had dreamed and prayed for. She could not imagine a future without Kehinde, and she expressed their love as one by registering most assets in the name of her husband Kehinde Babatunde Ademuwagun...."

Mr Kehinde Babatunde and Mrs Augusta Ademuwagun on their traditional wedding

Kehinde Babatunde Ademuwagun - New weddng

Mary Paul - New bride
 "...All was well until January 2014, (when) we, her family were informed by Kehinde that our sister Augusta was on Admission in the Teaching Hospital in Ibadan. It was surprising to us as they reside in Calabar. As the story unfolded, we learnt that our beloved Augusta was struck with cancer. A lump was discovered in her breast, a tumour was found growing in her brain. She hence underwent a brain and breast surgery without her family being informed. Kehinde had called us only when she further suffered a stroke and her condition worsened.... ...Our Sister Augusta was caught between life and death. Between the worries that filled the heart, Kehinde was observed to be mostly non-challant, usually busy on his phone and looked unperturbed....


"...Augusta survived! She was discharged but very frail with many months of recuperation awaiting her. Only her sisters could assure her of round the clock care and support, hence we took turns to sit by her bedside. Kehinde was sparsely around. From calling every day, to every other week to every other month, he kept reducing contact and visit to his wife. There was no sense of care or concern for the pain and suffering his wife was going through. Despite his not appreciating her fight, Augusta’s deepest heart cry was to recover and return to her beloved husband. Once in a blue moon, Kehinde will breeze in and out of Augusta’s recovery home. On one of those visits, he came and left with all her mobile phones. Despite been asked to drop the phone, he said he will keep it since she was not receiving a lot of calls anymore. With that, he cut her off all common friends they have. 

"While Augusta cried for better health to resume her life and marriage, news came to Augusta’s family that Kehinde had secretly married another woman. Confronted with this news, Kehinde denied and his family corroborated his story. The advent of the internet and social media has indeed made the world a small village. Alas, it was true, while his marriage with Augusta stands, Mr. Kehinde Babatunde Ademuwagun desecrated his vow to support his wife in sickness and her worse state. Taking all the sick woman had worked for all his life with him, Mr Kehinde secretly wedded one Miss Mary Paul who he now calls his lovely angel.... 

While Kehinde Seems to be enjoying his new marriage, "...Augusta still undergoes speech therapy as her speech is not so clear. She is under constant physiotherapy and can now move with crutches. We are hopeful she is getting better, but in her frail state, it saddens us that such news will destroy her permanently if it doesn’t kill her...." 

The family also leaves a message for the new wife of Kehinde: "To Mary Paul, as you read this, it is clear you are not ignorant of Augusta’s existence and suffering anymore. We have reached out to you and you confessed that you know. It is clear that you have chosen to be blinded by desperation, dancing and glorying in a sick woman’s misfortune. Telling you that the cane used in wiping the first wife, awaits the second wife is not important. Today her pain is your gain, you have chosen to find happiness in Augusta’s ruin, but it is only a matter of time. While it tarries, we pray for you a good prayer, may your God make happen for you, all that you make happen for poor Augusta....."

And to Kehinde himself: "Kehinde, beneath the sun, there is nothing hidden. Before God and all honourable people, you pledged yourself with a vow to hold Augusta, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part, according to God's holy ordinance.... ...When you deep your hands in Augusta’s purse to spend these days, do you honour her sweat and labour or care how she feeds? When you kiss Mary do you not see Augusta? How does a haunted man like you sleep with the memories of his victim engraved in his heart and life? You have sold your rest Kehinde...."

The family also has this to say to the public. 

"Dear brothers and sisters reading, we have no choice than to bring this to the court of public opinion, while you all take a leaf from Augusta’s sad story, perhaps you can appeal to Mr. Kehinde on 08033959018 or 08095778222 (or Mary Paul on 07033404871) to choose the part of honour and return what is left of Augusta’s sweat to enable us support her through this time. We ask that you all pray for Augusta when you can that God grants her healing and restores all that the locust and cankerworms have taken."

By Omon Arhebun
For the Arhebun Family

 EDITOR's NOTE: We will do our best to reach the other party, if possible, feed our readers back