Tuesday, 6 December 2011


It is now a known fact that some websites and groups thrive in celebrities' fake death rumour. Latest victim of this is the Senegalese born American singer, AKON, who is said to have died of AIDS related illness. Others have rumoured that he died of gun shot on the 4th of December 2011.

But facts available to AFRICA ENTERTAINMENT NEWS shows that the hip hop icon, AKON is not dead. He is alive. Other facts reveal that it was his protege (Akon's artist), Rocdrick 'Dolla' Burton, who got shot. 
in a related report, Chachaman on ChaCha.com..."Not Akon, but Akon's artist Roderick Dolla Burton was fatally shot yesterday". The site also reveals that "Akon was headlined an AIDS concert in Kinshasa but he was later cancelled. Akon does not have AIDS himself. 

Akon himself has responded to his death rumour by releasing his album titled: 'KONCRETE', and it's completely free of charge to listen to the songs in this album through his Facebook page. " Akon used these rumors as fuel to the fire, and recently took to his official Facebook fan page to release his Koncrete album for free."
So, the facts are now straightened. Let the rumour stop. AKON IS ALIVE. HE'S GOT NO HIV/AIDS AND HE WAS NOT SHOT.