Saturday, 27 July 2013


Miss K as she arrives at MMI Airport, Lagos Nigeria, this evening.
Not a word, Not a photo, Not a song,Just Silence Salient,and the fans can wait not more...
It's as been quite a while,and we know this…Silent Time has been worth it, cooking and brooding, for a better and great Diva.
But now, it's time!  TIME TO BREAK THE SILENCE…
Guess who has hit the soil of our motherland ? Miss-K…
The Golden Girl.
The Curve Ambassador.
The melodious songstress.
The Philanthropist with a difference,Hits the shores of Africa again in grand style…With a big bang !!!
She sneaked in last night, where our cameras caught up with her at the Muritala Moh’d International Airport, Lagos.
What does this tell you?

The International artist who once modeled for MTN Nigeria back in 2009 , has arrived in the most populous blacknation -  Nigeria – showing off her new hair style (african plaits) and wearing a gorgeous African ankara top by Nigerian designer Odeva without forgetting her high laboutin heels red bottoms, she turned heads like no one before....She’s got a New look, new steps and new focus unimaginable!
You only need to watch out.

It’s something for the people, SOMETHING TO STAND UP FOR.

And tonight, she is due to attend  her first major public appearance with dignitaries and notable high class entrepreneurs.
Watch out for more on Miss-K in Nigeria….And you will sure believe that the SILENCE, finally Broken, was worth the wait.

~Report by: E.David
~Pics by: Daniel Sync/Sync Photos

Miss K as she arrives at MMI Airport, Nigeria, flanked by Aides


Miss-K at Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos

Miss-K arrives Nigeria, first spotted after weeks of Silence from news and social media.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Talia Joy Castellano Dies at 13!

 Talia Joy Castellano, the charming teen that inspired thousands with her YouTube make-up tutorials, died at 13 of cancer. The CoverGirl and YouTube beauty expert has been suffering from a form of nerve cancer called neuroblastoma for 7-years before her tragic death on July 16 morning.
It could be recalled that she came to world's limelight when she appeared on ‘Ellen,’. She was also endeared to people's heart with her inspirational outlook on life and also by her passion and love for love of all things beauty.

"The YouTube star continued to make videos for her fans throughout her battle, and inspired her adoring fans through her Instagram and Twitter accounts".

Our sympather goes to her family for grace to bear her loss.