Sunday, 6 April 2014


Sign post of the Maximum Deliverance Church
I once asked what one should do if a soldier snatches a civilian's girl friend. Some say, just let go while others say beg the soldier man. Now, The Senior Pastor and general Overseer of Maximum Deliverance Church, Pastor John Simon, a civilian, has been sleeping the wife of a senior military man who he was supposed to minister to, to meet her spiritual needs. The military man had been suspecting the man of God, but being their spiritual head, he was careful not to confront him. But he did the needful by asking some police men to secretly monitor the activities and movement of his wife and this popular pastor. It was during this clandestine assignment that the pastor was caught pants down with the wife of the Military man. 
The "man of God" in his defense was reported to have said that he was casting out some demons and he needed her to be naked for the demons to flee.  The police said there were two other women in the pastor's bedroom. Some people are of the opinion that  the women didn't usually know when they are doing things with the pastor as a result of "charm" or something else used on them.
Pastor John Simon caught pants down

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