Monday, 14 April 2014


 A early morning Bomb Exlosion today rocked the El-Rufai Luxury buses area of Nyanya Car Park killing scores of people. It is reported that over 200 people must have lost their lives and many injured. The blast occurred while workers were boarding vehicles or already on their way to work. Eye witnesses said there was a car carrying passengers which drove into park from where the explosion was suspected to have occured. 

Another eye witness who was leaving for work said ... they (the dead) are more than 200, and more are still dying, and the man that carried out the plot was carrying passengers in his car.."

Nyanya is a major satelite town bordering Abuja and Nassarawa State. There is a high concentration of government workers and business people in that city. Many are said to have been affected while running for their dear lives as they  were been knocked down by confused motorists. Other victims were those on the pedestrian bridge who were brought down by the explosion.  The relevant Aid group -  NEMA, Fire Service, RED CROSS, etc., are already on ground to give a helping hand.

The activities of terrorists in Nigeria have increased since the begning of this year, and has grown worse in the past few weeks. They operate, raid, kill massively in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria where emergency rule had to be imposed. But now, they have moved closer to the seat of Government. 

The terrorist some weeks ago attacked the SSS HQ where their members were been held. This and other incidences of bomb blasts and massacre of innocent lives have called to question if the Nigerian Armed Forces are capable of containing these heartless Islamic Militants. Where are the Military Intelligence of this country? How effective is their surveillance? The Nigerian government has to do more than it is doing now to curb this menace. Innocent Nigerians need not continue to die.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, this is terrible

Emdee David said...

URGENT: Pls, blood donation needed for the survivors of today's bomb blast. Pls, willing donors can go to Asokoro Hospital where the victims are receiving medical attention. Thanks.