Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Mamuzee - attacked by robbers in Gwagwalada

The Mamuzee

Criminal activities go on unabashed in most part of the country. This morning armed robbers have reportedly attacked the musical duo and twin brothers, Mamuzee. The Ijaw brothers said they were on their way from the Immigration office in Gwagwalada when the men of the underworld pounced on them inflicting injury on them after smashing their car screens. In their own words:
"We where attacked by armed robbers on Gwagwalada road, Abuja while coming back from the immigration office today they shot at us ,shattered our car, we are at the hospital now, please just help us thank God for His protection! We thank The Lord! MamuZEE TwiNs"

The security situation in the country has been a great challenge, but the relevant forces are working to overcome it. It appears they are overwhelmed by this as bitter tales of such attacks prevails. Last week, robbers, numbering about 60 reportedly attacked a chain of streets in Mushin, a densly populated area of Lagos. Their operations lasted for close to seven hours without any police intervention. They allegedly raped, robbed and destroyed vehicles parked along the streets.
The Nigerian Policemen are underpaid, ill-equipped, and their number are too few to successfully police the most populous Black nation of the world.

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