Thursday, 13 March 2014


Confusion seems to be setting in as the mysterious missing plane is still a matter of international concern for days now. Any useful information could be the key at the moment. Here is what the various search teams are saying:

- US investigators examining whether flight was taken to another location
Officials suspect data from engines suggests plane flew total of five hours

- Counter-terrorism officials concerned pilot or someone else turned off transponders

- Four more hours of flight time would allow the plane to fly 2,200 nautical miles, That would put Pakistan and the Arabian Sea within reach

- Malaysia Airlines previously said the Rolls-Royce Trent engines stopped transmitting monitoring signals when contact with the plane was lost.

- On Wednesday the Chinese government satellite imagery was released which showed the 'suspected crash  site' of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

- Blurry images appeared to show three large pieces of debris - the largest of which is 78-feet by 72-feet.

- Vietnamese and Malaysian aviation chiefs ruled this out and said no plane debris was found at spot shown by China's satellite images.

Bottom line, we have not found this plane, and no dead bodies or clear debris to prove it crashed. The Search Continues.

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