Wednesday, 12 March 2014


We hear that the Defense Minister, Aliyu Gusau, has resigned.

The Defense Minister complained about insubordination from the Senior Military Officers, who refused to have a joint meeting with him and his deputy, Musikilu Obanikoro, yesterday. 

According to sources at the ministry of Defense, Gusau had been kept waiting for two days after he'd summoned them to a meeting, "with different military service chiefs making excuses for their inability to meet him. So yesterday, after Mr. Gusau and Mr. Obanikoro had waited for many hours,  the Chief of Defense Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, appeared, and not with others but alone. The source said that,  “When Air Marshal Badeh showed up, the Minister of Defense told him he was expecting all the chiefs of staff within the military, but Badeh reportedly told him there was no need.”  It appeared Badeh was willing to meet with the minister alone, and stated that this was the  "collective decision of military officers in the country."

The junior minister of defense, Mr. Obanikoro, tried to intervene but was told to “shut up”,  by Badeh. The report explained that Air Marshal Badeh called Senator Obanikoro a ‘small boy’ and "warned him that the military was not going to be taking orders anymore from bloody civilians like him.”

At the end of the day, the infuriated Defense Minister told his secretary to write his resignation letter, and even when the President visited him last night to dissuade him, Gusau seemed to have stood his ground. In fact, it is reported that Gusau refused to see the President. David Mark was also earlier said to have tried to persuade Aliyu Gusau to no avail.

We are looking for more details.

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Emdee David said...

Reuben Abati Issues a counter claim, saying Gusau has not resigned. Press still waiting for Gusaus personal confirmation. Read more: