Friday, 5 December 2014


The reading culture of Nigerians, especially the youth is said not to be encouraging. Perhaps, that can also be said of the writing culture. But some young men and women have taken it upon themselves to improve on these areas of deficiency among Nigerians of this generation. One Nigerian who is passionate, not only about writing, but also about LIFE and relationship is Mr. Ekine Stronghold. Though known well in Nollywood and the entertainment Industry generally, he has gone a step further to proved is literary skill by publishing his first book, which will be launched on Sunday, the 7th of December 2014. 

Authour, Ekine Stronghold
The entertainment industry will gather at the King’s Plaza, Adeniran Ogunsanya Surulere, Lagos to give moral and financial support at the Book Launch of Nollywood television’s foremost presenter, Ekine Stronghold. The book titled “life is all about relationships” is built on the simple premise that one’s greatest achievement in life rarely happens by the expression of one’s prowess as much as by how well one is able to connect. 

He believes that relationships are the roots holding every person, dreams, and endeavors firmly to reality.
The event will be attended by industry icons and friends. 

Stronghold has put in severally years of working in the motion picture industry, with firms like Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), Nollywood Television as a logistic officer, writer, director, operations executive and presenter.

In a recent interview stronghold said “The book is guaranteed to change or enhance one’s life, I can say that because I have been using these principles since it was revealed to me and in a short time, I can say I am not where I want to be but I am not where I used to be; obviously I have moved. But there is always room to do more and this book will unlock that potential in everyone. This is the only book in the world that no one should buy but all should invest in it."

He author assures "No-regrets" for all and sundry who will attend and also buy the book. 

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