Friday, 5 December 2014


As South Africans and people of the world remember the death of Madiba, Nelson Mandela who passed away about this time last year, Real Madrid star, Ronaldo is not left out. He pours out his heart as he shares the memory of his meeting the great South African hero. His words are quite touching:

"I had the pleasure and privilege to get to know Nelson Mandela in 2010. Madiba will always remain in my heart and his legacy is an inspiration for all. The Global Watch anti-racism summit in Johannesburg, is a Nelson Mandela legacy initiative for a non-racial, peaceful and prosperous world. The football community has to say it out loud: racism has no place in our game, in sports or in life."

Yes, Racism should have not place in our sports, films, music, and our entire live. The memory of Madiba will always been in our hearts.

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