Tuesday, 30 September 2014


 Rev. Father Sebastian will be speaking at the HELP INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, organised by the KEEPING MARRIAGE ALIVE (KMA) organisation in October 2014. In a pre-event interview, Father Sebastian takes a brief look at the kind of LEGACY parents are meant to leave for their children or people who look up to them. 

He noted that Facebook, Nollywood, Hollywood and the Music  industry are the major trainers of our children nowadays than Parents. Children are bombarded with all sorts of information and images, ideas and ideologies. belief and anti-moral teachings. Only when parents are on the social media,  would  they know how to guide or direct their wards. 

Speaking to Emdee David, the Catholic priest of the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, who is on a mission to Nigeria,  looks back at what growing up was like in his childhood days and now. Then, he said, children were not exposed to the kind of music, sensual lyrics, emails, dance, etc, "We were faced with limited choices, unlike these days. And to me that's one of the challenges our children are  facing nowadays. Their parents at home are telling them something, and on the internet somebody is telling them something else. A lot of things are conflicting  or competing with the normal upbringing. They meet people on Facebook or the social media who have a different moral exposure and belief system regarding habits, character and behaviour."

So, he opines that Parents should be on the social media, Facebook especially. Most time when parents say things, the kids think, "mom doesn't know anything." But if the parents know what's up on the internet they could guide their kids better. He says, "I think every parent should be on the social media, if possible, and if they can afford it.  You need to be there to know how facebook works and how to advice the child. They need to see what the children are exposed to  -  e.g., sex, marijuana, lack of believe in God, etc.  "

Rev. Sebastian, will speak more on this  and how to live an exemplary live as a way of leaving a legacy for the next generation. This will hold on the 17th and 18th of October, 2014 at the National Theater, Iganmu Lagos. This International Conference is a forum where couples learn a lot on how to keep their marriages alive and also to relate well with their children, their profession and others in the society. The organizers, Dr. and Pst (Mrs) Richard Okonkwo think every marriage can be made to work and can be lively and enjoyable. So they are bringing the likes of Professor Pat Utomi, Pastor Poju Oyemade, Pst, and Mrs. Iwunze, Sir and Lady Mazi Ivi, Pastor and Pst (Mrs.) Owen Nlekwuwa and Ngee/Rich themselves, to speak and educate on various topics.  Registration for this international marriage conference is just N1,500 per individual. For further details, please contact: +234 9092153103.

Ngee, Rich and the children


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