Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Ngee and Rich - Organizers, KMA
It was another love-filled atmosphere at the Grasshopper's Place, Festac Town Lagos, when couples dressed in pure red or a touch of it to find out how marriages survive the hurdles of money management. A Touch of Red is a marriage dinner event organized by the Keeping Marriage Alive, an NGO coordinated by Rich and Ngee, a love-struck couple who also believe Marriage could be sweet in every home that deliberately chooses to make it sweet. The theme of the event this time was, YOUR MONEY, OUR MONEY.

The basic idea is that couples should see themselves as one is such a way that whatever belongs to one belongs to the other, and that financial crisis in the homes can be avoided or solved when both husband and wife are transparent to each other on their spendings.

The couples in attendance shared their struggles in this aspect, especially the women who think their husbands do not disclose to them their total income or salary. The men also feel that when their spouses know how much they earn, they tend to demand more and want to spend it. While some prefer the old notion of the man keeping his income secret, others believe it should no more be so, and that even though the wife knows his income, it should not translate to wanting more of it,

Participant at the Touch of RED event

It is however learnt during this event, that TRUST is the key to a successful money-hitch-free marriage. Husbands should let their wives know what they earn, money or assets they have, and wives should also be understanding in the management of their resources.

Aunty Ngozi, Alias Carol in Living in Bondage, introducing the Drama session. 

Drama Time, Stage artists passing a message to the attendants

Couple discussing together on things to buy with their money. 

Couples support each other's gifts or talents

Nollywood's Ngozi and Chioma Igwe, at the event.

The lessons where learnt through Couple GAMES, Table Talk, Drama, and other interactive sessions. And at the end of the day, many couples confess they now know their spouses better, and how to manage their financial resources together. Some also agree they would declare their assets to their spouses, for trust sake, and in case of unforeseen eventuality. 

Couple who went shopping together
This and many more are the benefits of the different programmes organized by KEEPING MARRIAGE ALIVE. Couples therefore are provided with different fora to make their union a sweet and better and enjoyable one. More programmes are coming up later in the year, the closest being the HELP INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, which would have Prof. Pat Utomi, Pastor Poju Oyemade, Rev. Father Sebastian Ukwandu, among others, including Dr. and Mrs. Richard Okonkwo themselves, the visioneers of the Keeping Marriage Alive NGO. Watch out for details of this event, which will hold at the National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos from the 17th to 18th of October, 2014. or Call: 

Below are other photos of the Touch of Red Event, and some of  the couples in attendance.

Couple in attendance, happy and full of smiles

Attentive Couples

Amaka, Event Compere

The Table Talk, a practical discussion on how couples relate with their money. 
Discussants at the event.

Pretty, Well-dressed usher

Money for the couple Money Game

Couple enjoying the day

The man went shopping alone, but bought things for his wife also.

Still on Couple's game. How well do you know your spouse?

Best couple of the day rewarded

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