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Nollywood and Nigerian Music stars lead Ghana Unity Tour: The Mandators, John Njamah, Stereoman, Tony Akposheri and Emdee David

John Njamah - AEN Member
Emdee David, John Njamah, Tony Akposheri and notable entertainment stakeholders are leading a group of Nigerian Entertainers on a Road Unity tour to Ghana. This is a way of fostering a stronger relationship and unity among African countries, starting from the West African sub-region. 

Also joining the Tour is Victor Essiet of The Mandators, a Reggae living legend who has been in the United States all this while and is here in Nigeria. Victor Essiet believes Africa needs LOVE, which will bring about the UNITY we so much desire. 

 We are using a platform of Entertainment to preach Unity and Love because of its natural bonding power which in turn affects brotherly love among youths and adults. We chose Ghana as a starting point because Ghana and Nigeria already has a strong bond in Nollywood, Fashion and the music industries. 

This Road Tour to Ghana is coming up from the 3rd to 7th of October 2014 as a way of 

· Sensitizing the African countries about our vision, mission and the need for stronger uniting activities together. 

· Exploring recreational areas of Ghana, with few stops at Benin and Togo. We will be visiting Rita Marley’s studio, the Beach, and Slave Center. 

· Socializing with our Ghana fellow Actors/Actresses, models and musicians. 

Victor Essiet, Emdee David and Julius, CEO Kings Arrivee
· Formally inaugurating our Ghana Network 

Reggie Rockstone - Awardee
Honouring top Ghanaian Actors/Actresses, musicians, and TV OAPs, etc who have contributed to youth development and the entertainment industry in Ghana. Those considered for this award include: 

· Amb. Zynnell Lydia Zuh, 

· Pascal Amanfo 

· John Dumelo, 

· Jackie Appiah, 

· Ama K, Frank Rajah, 

· Shata Wale, 

· Reggie Rockstone, 

· Majid Michel, 

· Lydia Forson 

· The Ghanaian Minister of Arts and Culture. Many of them have confirmed their acceptance of the Award. 

Africa Entertainment Award 2014
Africa Entertainment Award (AEA) is a recognition award based on the individual, or corporate entity’s effort in building the entertainment industry. It is organized by Africa Entertainment Network. The award will also be holding in Nigeria and South Africa in no distant time. 

Others slated for this tour also include: Stereoman (EKWE), Victory, Ambassador Queen Busayo Owolabi, Ambassador Tokunbo Fayomi, the Mandators (not confirmed), Julius King, Lilian Dizo, Akin Kongi, Ace music producer, Fortune O’Tega, Jessica Raymond, Cynthia Onuoha, and other Nollywood and music acts. 

Tony Akposheri and Lilian Dizo - AEN members/Nollywood

Africa Entertainment Network is a social forum coordinated by TRUMPSOUND PRODUCTIONS COMPANY, a network where all genres of arts and entertainment in Africa are brought under one umbrella and provided with care, privileges and opportunity to become professionals in their chosen career as entertainers. It is meant to network all the elements of entertainment in Nigeria and Africa together in an online entertainment forum, building a strong international network for African artistes and aspiring talented youths in the production of music, films, artworks, documentaries, poems, and books, etc. 

· Our network now extends to South Africa, Kenya, Liberia, Chad, Trinidad, Finland, UK and the US. We already have a few members in Ghana, but we are formally establishing our presence in the state. 

· We stand to empower African Youths who are interested in Entertainment to achieve their dreams, become professional and have a genuine source of income from their God-given talents; we promote their talents, link them up with other artistes, or content buyers, expose them through training workshops and tour of other entertainment centers in Africa and elsewhere through the high-ways of the Internet and other online platforms. 

· Africa Entertainment Network is also an online professional social forum for African artistes and showbiz men and women, e.g. Actors, models, comedians, producers, fashion designers, movie/music directors, TV presenters, marketers, sportsmen, etc. we connect them to the media, financial and other corporate companies for mutual business benefits and relationship.

Adjetey Anang- gets the Africa Entertainment Award

Zynnel Zuh Lydia -  Ghaliwood, Awardee

Ama K - Ghanaian Actress and TV Presenter -Awardee

· We are mobilizing supports for the African artistes in various ways and from various corporate organizations, firms and institutions. Our network already spans parts of Europe, Africa, The Caribbean and the US. We are particularly working with Caribbean organizations and artistes who seek to unite with their brothers in Africa through Storytelling, films, music and tourism. Marlene Seurattan of the Jah Put A Hand movement in New York and Trinidad has been a resourceful partner. So is Artslink.co.za in South Africa and the Kenyan Kiambu Young Greens. It’s all about Networking. We are currently working on bother movies and music projects. 

· We are providing opportunities to artistes, actors/actresses, models, etc to showcase themselves and fulfill their dreams. 

· We are providing both life and health insurance to entertainers against the rainy days. This is in partnership with major insurance companies in Africa. 

· Through our African Entertainment Foundation, we provide funding for small scale projects for entertainers in acquiring equipment or producing TV or film contents. 

· We also providing a platform for training, workshop and work experiences for our members. The goal is to make any aspiring entertainer be professional in his/her pursuit. 

· We also have Group chat for a on BBM, Whatsapp and Facebook where we interact with each other on a daily basis.

Members at Kings Arrive, NTA, Yaba

Jessica Raymond - Nollywood Actress/AEN member

Members at Ojez, National Stadium, Lagos

AEN members

AEN members during visit to OJB Jezreel before his Operation

AEN members

AEN members
Pascal Amanfo, to be awarded in Ghana

Original Stereoman, Ekwe
Funky Mallam with AEN members

Last Event of AEN members

AEN members at a retreat

AEN members

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