Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Various comments have greeted the increase in the show of nudity, like the one above, in the amplified version of the Big Brother Africa Reality TV show. Many have asked if this is the best way to represent Africa. Others have asked if this was really entertainment.
Anna Cole said: "Exactly,d whole idea of organizing Bb has changed....we Africans copy blindly n its a pity,dis trend of being nude is slowly dominating our movies...."

Our reknown flutist "Tee Mac Iseli also comments: " Big Brother is for those who love to waste their time with a bad, unscripted soap opera" Ayo Ajayi in London said: This is far from entertainment ! But the housemates are obviously oblivious of the views reactions and have continued to show us more of their inner properties. What do we think of this?

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