Tuesday, 14 June 2011


The BGYS Melodious members and their drummer Tunde
A group of Nigerian musicians - BGYS Melodious - will make their Doha debut in an “African Night” show scheduled for June 30 at the Ramada’s Giwana ballroom.
The show, which is the first of its kind in the country and the region, will feature live performance by the group showcasing Nigeria’s popular high life with a touch of the country’s South-Western juju music.
The night will also feature a comedy extravaganza by Doha-based Nigerian stand-up comedians as well as a performance by  Ghanaian cultural dancers.
Speaking to Gulf Times , BGYS director and manager Yemi Emiola said: “Having stayed in Qatar for some years now and being witness to its tremendous growth, I thought of how to be part of the development in the country, hence the formation of the group early this year, in February to be precise.”
According to him, the group, which will launch their debut album packaged in collaboration with a Qatari artiste in December, was conceived to serve as a platform for bringing Africans together in a bid for them to socialise more and get together.
“This BGYS Melodious with the name being an acronym of members’ names - Bosun, Gbenga, Yemi and Segun - was formed to showcase Nigeria’s musical talents and potentials among the Nigerians, as well as other African communities resident in Qatar. Our intention is actually not only to play music for people to relax, but also to convey positive message about Nigeria and try as much as possible to correct erroneous notions about the country among people belonging to various nationalities living in this country,” he said.
Emiola maintained that the African Night show will create more awareness and draw attention to Africans in Qatar as the group has already received a positive nod from Merweb Hotel to do regular performances.
“We have already signed a contract and secured a place with Merweb hotel to perform every Wednesday night from 10pm-1am and we are also holding talks with a number of other top-rated hotels such as the Rotana and La Cigale  in order to collaborate on performing frequent shows at their popular restaurants and joints,” he said.
Apart from hotel gigs, Emiola said that the group was available for performance at  any occasion be it wedding, naming or dedication as well as other community engagements.
In order to carry along with other expatriate communities in Qatar, he stated that the group hoped to perform with a number of Arab musicians from Qatar, Egypt and other African countries. 

- News item by Noimot Olayiwola

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