Sunday, 24 July 2011


Amy Winehouse - Singer.
Addiction,  which the rich and famous entertainers battle with can truly be said to be the  thematic malady for the world today.
The 27 years old Brit and Grammy award winner, Amy Winehouse, had faced this battle over her youthful years, but at last, she was found dead in Camden, at her north London home .

There have been several efforts to rehabilitate her, but she abhors the rehab, which she made so clear even in her song "The Rehab" in which she sang "I don't want to go to rehab".  Eventually, she made it to the rehab. In fact, she just came out of one. The BBC confirms "She had recently finished a course of alcohol rehabilitation in London and at the time was under strict instructions not to drink." But we are beginning to wonder if many who go the rehab come out clean forever. There is a speculation among psychologists that "... overdose deaths are much more likely after individuals leave institutions such as prisons or hospitals because they often return to accustomed levels of consumption of a substance after having lost their tolerance for it." Could it be said that this - the policy of abstinence -  was responsible for Amy's untimely death? What do you think about this?


Trumpsound (Emdee) said...

More Rock n Roll artistes have died at 27. Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, Cobain, Howell, and now Winehouse -- it seems that the only way to make it really big in rock and roll is to die at the age of 27, especially now that rock and roll is dead anyway. What do you think?

Makezela said...

Most Rock Stars find it difficult to avoid getting hooked up by drugs and alcohol.