Thursday, 12 June 2014


Aliyu (arrowed) is sitting as police interrogates him

The busy market and motor park at Oshodi, Lagos state were thrown into a rowdy moment on monday, 9th of June 2014 when some Hausa boys holds a young boy and a woman dressed in Muslim dress (hijab) and ready to beat them up. The irate Hausa boys took the action when one of them, names Aliyu, complained that his manhood had disappeared (shrunk) after he gave the Alhaja and the younger boy N50, having begged him for arms.  This was said to have happened around Brown Street, near Araromi, Oshodi.
The Alhaja and the boy, whose names and pictures I could not get due to police’s interruption when I was interview them, said they were beggars. They had travelled from Ilorin to Lagos to beg for arms, and they denied the allegation. But Aliyu said he was so sure of what happened. He was even about to undress to prove how tiny his manhood had become before the Police disrupted the process. Aliyu told me in Hausa, that he had even gone home to test with his woman and he couldn’t have an erection. So he came back and raised an alarm, luckily, the woman and the boy were still busy asking for arms.
Both the suspects and Aliyu were moved to Bolade police station for further interrogation
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