Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Fast rising rap-artiste and all round entertainer, Falz the Bahd Guy recently dropped his second official studio album.
This sophomore album is titled "Stories That Touch" and the Bahd Guy whom everyone knows is born with a silver spoon is certain his fans will relate to his life and hustle highlighted in the album.
"The project tells stories that I think everyone can visualize. There are songs there for every individual. The idea is for you to listen and feel like you are the one that i'm rapping about. I want people to enter into the spirit of my music". He said
He also stated that he wants to showcase the depth in his music so that people can look beyond 'Falz the funny guy'.

Yes, he is not only known as Falz the Bahd Guy, he has also found a place in the heart of his fans as Falz the funny Guy. This he proved in 'Jamb Question' music video by Simi. And now we are going to highlight the other side of him that shows 'Falz the style guy'.

Whenever you come across Folanre Falana (Falz) he always wears a gold chain round his neck which he guards jealously. He even jokes that the piece of jewelry is more important than his life. "I am only joking when I say it's more important than my life. It's quite expensive and that is why it's very special to me. As much as it is very valuable to me, I don't wear it to sleep."
On how well he hides this prized possession, he agreed he can break down in tears if anyone including his 'girlfriend' snatched it from him. This his how much loves his fashion pieces.
Also, his funny glasses which deliberately wears without the screen is one of his most prized style possession. "My glasses is also very important to me. It's my signature and my identity. I buy the glasses and remove the screen. Fashion is a way of life and I decided to portray my the image of my identity starting with the screen-less glasses. I started removing the screen of my glasses when I was in the university in the UK, so it's not something I just started because of music."

On why he chose to be known as Falz the Bahd Guy when he looks more like Falz the Cute guy, he explained: "my kind of bad guy is the 'chilled' bad guy. I know people believe the chilled out bad guys are the worse because they are cute on the outside but I am a good man and I am not dangerous. Trust me." 

Although he calls himself the Bahd Guy, ripped jeans can never come top on his list of outfits to choose for the day. "Ripped jeans is not my thing. But I can consider it for a music video. I love skinny pants and I also love to sag a little" he said

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