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Kehinde and Augsta 
It was with pain that she spoke to me after sending this material. Anthonia, who had done her best to reach the man who married her sister, Augusta Omotose, and now in  an unknown location with another woman he'd secretly married.

Her in-law, Kehinde Babatunde Ademulewagun, who married her sister in May on 2007 at Living Faith Church, Badagry , has allegedly abandoned his wife, her sister in Benin where she is receiving medical attention, and had gone to secretly marry one Mary Paul. These pictures on this post say it all, but Anthonia with her family, has gone a great length to explain what actually transpired in the past few years.  

Kehinde and Mary Paul on their secret wedding day
According to the family's story, "...Mrs. Augusta Omotose Ademuwagun ...had a dream of living happily ever after with her beloved husband. Augusta is a hardworking young woman who grew from working in the oil and gas industry as a contract staff to pioneering a business Eagles Wing Oil and Gas Ltd, Calabar....she co-opted her husband Kehinde into it. She was happy; her marriage was blossoming, the business was growing. Except for the blessing of children which was delayed, Augusta had the life she had dreamed and prayed for. She could not imagine a future without Kehinde, and she expressed their love as one by registering most assets in the name of her husband Kehinde Babatunde Ademuwagun...."

Mr Kehinde Babatunde and Mrs Augusta Ademuwagun on their traditional wedding

Kehinde Babatunde Ademuwagun - New weddng

Mary Paul - New bride
 "...All was well until January 2014, (when) we, her family were informed by Kehinde that our sister Augusta was on Admission in the Teaching Hospital in Ibadan. It was surprising to us as they reside in Calabar. As the story unfolded, we learnt that our beloved Augusta was struck with cancer. A lump was discovered in her breast, a tumour was found growing in her brain. She hence underwent a brain and breast surgery without her family being informed. Kehinde had called us only when she further suffered a stroke and her condition worsened.... ...Our Sister Augusta was caught between life and death. Between the worries that filled the heart, Kehinde was observed to be mostly non-challant, usually busy on his phone and looked unperturbed....


"...Augusta survived! She was discharged but very frail with many months of recuperation awaiting her. Only her sisters could assure her of round the clock care and support, hence we took turns to sit by her bedside. Kehinde was sparsely around. From calling every day, to every other week to every other month, he kept reducing contact and visit to his wife. There was no sense of care or concern for the pain and suffering his wife was going through. Despite his not appreciating her fight, Augusta’s deepest heart cry was to recover and return to her beloved husband. Once in a blue moon, Kehinde will breeze in and out of Augusta’s recovery home. On one of those visits, he came and left with all her mobile phones. Despite been asked to drop the phone, he said he will keep it since she was not receiving a lot of calls anymore. With that, he cut her off all common friends they have. 

"While Augusta cried for better health to resume her life and marriage, news came to Augusta’s family that Kehinde had secretly married another woman. Confronted with this news, Kehinde denied and his family corroborated his story. The advent of the internet and social media has indeed made the world a small village. Alas, it was true, while his marriage with Augusta stands, Mr. Kehinde Babatunde Ademuwagun desecrated his vow to support his wife in sickness and her worse state. Taking all the sick woman had worked for all his life with him, Mr Kehinde secretly wedded one Miss Mary Paul who he now calls his lovely angel.... 

While Kehinde Seems to be enjoying his new marriage, "...Augusta still undergoes speech therapy as her speech is not so clear. She is under constant physiotherapy and can now move with crutches. We are hopeful she is getting better, but in her frail state, it saddens us that such news will destroy her permanently if it doesn’t kill her...." 

The family also leaves a message for the new wife of Kehinde: "To Mary Paul, as you read this, it is clear you are not ignorant of Augusta’s existence and suffering anymore. We have reached out to you and you confessed that you know. It is clear that you have chosen to be blinded by desperation, dancing and glorying in a sick woman’s misfortune. Telling you that the cane used in wiping the first wife, awaits the second wife is not important. Today her pain is your gain, you have chosen to find happiness in Augusta’s ruin, but it is only a matter of time. While it tarries, we pray for you a good prayer, may your God make happen for you, all that you make happen for poor Augusta....."

And to Kehinde himself: "Kehinde, beneath the sun, there is nothing hidden. Before God and all honourable people, you pledged yourself with a vow to hold Augusta, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part, according to God's holy ordinance.... ...When you deep your hands in Augusta’s purse to spend these days, do you honour her sweat and labour or care how she feeds? When you kiss Mary do you not see Augusta? How does a haunted man like you sleep with the memories of his victim engraved in his heart and life? You have sold your rest Kehinde...."

The family also has this to say to the public. 

"Dear brothers and sisters reading, we have no choice than to bring this to the court of public opinion, while you all take a leaf from Augusta’s sad story, perhaps you can appeal to Mr. Kehinde on 08033959018 or 08095778222 (or Mary Paul on 07033404871) to choose the part of honour and return what is left of Augusta’s sweat to enable us support her through this time. We ask that you all pray for Augusta when you can that God grants her healing and restores all that the locust and cankerworms have taken."

By Omon Arhebun
For the Arhebun Family

 EDITOR's NOTE: We will do our best to reach the other party, if possible, feed our readers back

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