Thursday, 28 May 2015


Emdee David reports his interview
with this Sexy, pretty, multi-talented singer and American model. She describes herself as Lavaah G:

"My birth name is Lavern G. Sterling. My stage name is Lavaah G, "G" standing for Goodaz. I describe myself as Strong, loyal, kind, beautiful, ambitious, talented, nurturing, loving, and hot as is sexy". 

Lavaah says more about herself: "I migrated from Kingston, Jamaica to the USA permanently at the age of 13 to achieve a better opportunity in life as well as to be united with my parents. 

My father was a promoter so I basically grew up around music, however, I started taking it more serious after the responses I was receiving from dubs and jingles that I use to do for an ex I use to date whom happens to be a Dj. I'm mainly known for my song titled Bare Foot which was a remix to Lady Saw- Heels On. But all of my songs are unique in their own way. My favorite song hasn't been released yet but it's a tie between two singles, one titled "Want You Bad" and the other "Lust". So do look out for them coming real soon". 

And what is she doing now? 

"At this moment I'm currently building my music team. In addition, I'm also a student studying Community Health, as well as an uprising actress working on a few independent films. The most recent works I've been apart of were directed by a good friend Demedrius Charles and his partner Kenrick Austrie and I'm also in the movie titled G.A.M.E by Killah Krome. In addition, I was also featured in Jamaican Mafia, big up Mykal Fax. I also work two jobs both are in the medical field. 

When she was asked about your statistics, she just went LOL, and then added: 

"This question caught me by surprise, I've never been asked this before. But last time I checked which was about a year ago I'm a 34B bust, my hips are a 40, my waist was a 33, and I'm still 5'2". However, I did lose weight and the inches on my waist is definitely smaller. So with that said, I will definitely make an appointment to go and get my measurements updated..." 

Lavaah is hard-working, determined and very promising in her career. She has more to say about herself, her career, and latest works. Watch out for her full interview on STAR-CHAT with Emdee David at

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