Thursday, 16 April 2015


Mr. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen is obviously a major stakeholder in the Nollywood film industry. With the increase of film pirates' activities in Nigeria, he couldn't help but spit out his pains against those he called Evil men. This is what he said, which speaks not only for himself as a producer, but also for genuine Nigerian filmmakers. Below is his lamentation: 

"I operate in society where my works are always criticised by people who know nothing about how my craft is put together, they have no idea  much pains I go through to bring one new film out,that no bank is ready to lend money to me, for film business because it's too risky. Then I struggle on my own to raise some few millions of naria to make a film,half of the money goes into buying fuel,and we  beg neighbours to allow us put our generator near their houses trying to avoid its noise get into our filming,but it sure will get into it,reason for most of the bad sound u hear when watching our films,which you also complain about.

It's hard 4 me 2 actually hire the real professionals because I cannot afford to pay their fees. when I manage to round the so called movie up, I try all I can muster to get it acceptable to play in the cinemas, where I must personally fund all the promotion, which in most cases, will amount to nothing compared to what you actually Will need to make a meaningful impact !The cinemas, just about 20 plus cinemas to service 160 million people!  After 2 weeks in the cinemas, it's time up and to God be they glory if one million will be yours to have,VAT,Lagos state Entertainment tax,sharing to this and that and if your movie is so good. Our friends from Alaba, and other  places around the country with some other Evil people to get hold of the film and off to the  road and traffics around lagos,Pirates takes over! Flood everywhere with my sweat, forgetting I paid to the Nigerian copyright commission to register my film,now they are as helplessly as  myself. I am left high and dry,in pain and in penury. We only carry big names,with small pockets. After the stars are exposed, they are taken by the big companies for endorsement leaving me and my likes to weep! pls join in  rebroadcasting this msg till it gets to those who can really help!"

Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
(Nollywood filmmaker)

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