Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Nigeria's Vice President and the running mate of President Jonathan in the 2015 election, Namadi Sambo, said in Minna, Niger State, yesterday during the presidential campaign, that PDP has more muslims than the opposition party, APC. 
Speaking in Hausa, Sambo said:
“When people bring the issue of religion to deceive you, our party has more Muslims than APC. Therefore if this (is) the yardstick, we then have an edge.
“Our chairman is a Muslim; the Director General of our campaign is a Muslim likewise. I Namadina Namadina Sambo am a Muslim. It is only our presidential candidate that is a Christian.
“In APC, their chairman is a Christian, their Campaign Director General is a Christian and the Vice President is a Pastor. Now let me ask you, which between the parties has more Muslims?
“Nigeria belongs to both Christians and Muslims. During Tafawa-Balewa, he worked with Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe a Christian, during Shagari he worked with Alex Ekweme, Obasanjo with Atiku, Late Umaru Yaradua with Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and now Goodluck with Namadi.”
Though it appeared he was urging Nigerians not to vote by considering religious inclination, but indirectly, was that the message he was really passing across to his fellow hausa and muslims?

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