Thursday, 20 November 2014


Lawmakers jumping the fence of the NASS Complex
A special session of the National Assembly was to hold today, Thursday the 20th 2014. The lawmakers had gone on recess  in order for them to attend to other committee issues and their various party activities and to resume in December. But for the letters from the President on the extension of the State Of Emergency in the three northern states beleaguered by Boko Haram insurgents, the special session was convened. 

But as the lawmakers got to the entrance of the National Assembly, the were stopped by heavy police blockage. Even the Speaker of the House, Aminu Tambuwal was hindered from proceeding into the chamber. A rowdy session ensured, and our honourable lawmakers fought their way into the meeting place, with some scaling the fence. The police fired tear gas to disperse the lawmakers, but some found their in, most of whom were said to be APC members. The Speaker was somehow smuggled in from another entrance, after the police on ground had communicated with their superiors on the phone. As expected, the PDP lawmakers who were in walked out, leaving behind just a scanty number of them. 

The APC lawmakers were shouting in anger, some saying, "Jonathan must go....Jonathan must be impeached."

It appears the PDP did not want Tambuwal to preside over the session with the lawmakers, based on their stand that his cross-carpeting to APC stripped him off the position of the honourable Speaker, while the APC insists Tambuwal is still the speaker, and has the right to convene and preside over the special session. The question now is, why the Police and the Tear-Gas on the honourable lawmakers And should the law makers have forced their way, by jumping the fence, into the complex just to have the session? Don't these all amount to lawlessness?

In the midst of the crisis, both the Upper and Lower house had to adjourn till next week Tuesday, so that, for the Upper house, the Service Chiefs could be summoned to give a true situation reports on the war against terrorism in the North-East. 

Senator David Mark has to shut down the National Assembly Complex, Abuja, to call down the situation. 

We hope to see what happens in the coming week.

~Emdee David

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