Thursday, 16 October 2014


Love could be found in unlikely places. This woman went to visit in a prison, and she found somebody she loved at first sight. she even got convinced that this was her future partner. How did she tell her parents she would be marrying a Prisoner? How did the parents react? The full gist will be told by the couple involved at the HELP INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE which takes place at the National Theater, Iganmu Lagos, on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of October, 2014.  This is a Marriage Conference organized to make relationships at all levels what they should be.  Even the engaged and the singles need a guide on what they are about going into.

KMA Staff

Also, there are couples who think they are married to the wrong person. Many are at the verge of  divorce. Do you feel you are trapped in your marriage? Sir and Lady Mazi Ivi will be addressing the issue. 

Pastor Poju Oyemade of the Covenant Christian Center will talk about "Be All You Can Now." He is a renown motivational speaker, single and still doing very great in ministry. To him, family success should be followed with Professional success. 

Pastor Poju Oyemade

Meanwhile, other older couples are battling with what legacy to leave for this or the next generation of Children, This will be handled by Father Sebastian who has a large followership as he trains people on Family, social and professional  issues at the Holy Family Church, Festac Town. With the rate at which the social media has infiltrated homes, it has become a challenge to keep the children in the moral circle of sanity. 

Father Sebastian Ukwandu

Pastor and Pst (Mrs.) Owen Nlekwuwa are set to take the  conference through the role of Prayers in people's life and fulfilling their destiny. It sure promises to be a time of unforgettable experience.

Ngee and Rich Okonkwo (Dr.) KMA coordinators

Speaking more on the conference, Dr. Rich and Ngee Okonkwo says their goals for the conference are to change the perspective of people towards relationship, particularly marriage, to live up to God's standard, which is for their own benefit eventually; to learn to define their relationship according what God says, not what the society says....."so we want them to understand that if it is popular does not make it right. For example, being busy at work has been a perfect excuse for men to always stay away from their homes, to the detriment of the children's upbringing and the wives' need for warmth".

Prof. Utomi will be sharing a practical example of how he manages to always be at home by 6 or 7 p.m., routinely, in metropolitan city of Lagos. He will particularly be dealing with how a man's job affects his home front. 

Prof. Pat Utomi

The KEEPING MARRIAGE ALIVE, a non-governmental Organization, is making this conference attendable with only N1,500 per person for the two days. Drinks (Water) will be provided by the organization, but food and snacks will be at the participants' expense. Food vendors have been arranged at the venue.

Payment can be made to the following account:
Acct name: Keeping Marriage alive Initiative.
Acct Number: 1013379299. Zenith Bank.

You can also get your tickets at KMA office at 511 Road, A Close, House 2, Festac Town Lagos, and other designated places. For further information, please call: 09092153103, 08034229455.

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