Thursday, 15 May 2014


Miss-K with Nigerian school children.

Miss-K, a World re-known Artist, Brand Ambassador, and Humanitarian, has joined the global fight,
advocating for the release of the Chibok Girls.

While in the UK , in an open declaration, Miss-K posted a photo of herself on social media with school kids,taken during her recent trip to Nigeria, speaking passionately on why the girls must be release immediately, stating:
"Each time I go to Nigeria , Kids are always a big part of my trips. They are bright, so incredibly loving, so inspiring, so full of life, and always so eager to learn, so I can't afford to watch this go on without STANDING-UP and saying NO to ABDUCTION.
Enough is Enough. Girls, stay strong. We keep you in our prayers"

She also commended the First Lady of America Michele Obama, for supporting the return of the girls, stating: "I am proud of Michele Obama for backing the girls, all women must rise to spare a moment and pray for the girls to come back alive; If Michele can STAND-UP for the girls, so every woman can do the same. "

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