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COMING SOON! Jennifer Oguzie announces the coming of Chavez: Cage of Glory, starring Hector Echavarria

Jennifer Oguzie
My name is Jennifer Oguzie CEO (MamaBama Pictures LLC), on behalf of Destiny Entertainment, we want to let you know about an International-- actor, director, and producer Hector Echavarria, who is releasing a film September 13 by the name of,Chavez: Cage of Glory, starring Hector Echavarria himself, Danny Trejo, and Steven Bauer to name a few of the top notch cast. Hector is a local resident in Los Angeles Califonia with a solid track record such as a legendary Martial Arts Champion who has had deals in the past with companies such as Lions Gate, but now has launched his own Production and Distribution Company - Destiny Entertainment. He is a local that

chose Southern California as his home for Destiny Entertainment in hopes of keeping productions here. First he is releasing in about 70 theatres in Southern California, and we are inviting you to the press event for a chance to get a first look on exclusive scenes o the film and a one on one interview with Hector Echavarria and Steven Bauer.
Jennifer, Hector and Steven Bauer
Please find below the IMBD link that you may find interesting, as he is listed as 100 Definitive Martial Artist followed by a link to the trailer, a link to the website, and then his Bio. I am attaching the press kit for the film.

Jennifer Oguzie

LINK to Trailer
Link to the Website:

Jennifer Oguzie -
Barely being able to make ends meet and working at every job he can find, Hector Chavez turns to his fighting roots to pay for his gravely ill young son's medical bills. When his amateur Mixed Martial Arts videos go viral and earn him the recognition of the world's top MMA federation he is given a chance to go into the cage against the World Champion. A dream opportunity becomes a fight for his life when he learns the Champion's last opponent is in critical condition in the same hospital as his son. Hector must risk it all so his son can have the surgery he needs to survive.

 HECTOR CHAVEZ: Hector Echavarria
Idolized by millions in Latin America, and a legendary Martial Arts champion in his native Argentina, Hector Echavarria, brings to the Hollywood film industry a background of business success, acting experience, and martial arts expertise.
In addition to producing and starring in his own films, Hector has become an industrial force- with his own clothing line, martial arts federation, real estate holdings, children’s toys and action figures, and an entertainment production company. And now, with his multi-picture slate of action films in which he stars and produces, others are calling him the Tyler Perry of the Hispanic action market.
From the beginning Hector Echavarria has exceeded all expectations. A sickly child, his mother enrolled him in martial arts school. As a teenager, he was winning fights against much bigger opponents in the mean alleys of Corrientes, Argentia and moved his skills into the ring, where became a legendary martial arts champion. For years he starred in an ultra-popular Latin American television series Brigada, based on the three-film series Los Exterminators, in which he made his acting debut. Even a comic-strip for children was created, following Hector’s real-life exploits.
His plan to capture the United States and world markets has been to hone his filmmaking expertise, starting with a multi-picture deal to produce and star in a series of action films distributed on Blue Ray and DVD by Lionsgate. These included Death Warrior, Unrivalled, Confessions of a Pit Fighter, also starring Armand Assante, Flavor Flav and Oscar nominated John Savage, Never Surrender (which he also directed), and the horror film Lake Dead (for After Dark Films).
He was recently inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, was named “Full Contact Fighter of the Year” and held the World Martial Arts Championship and the World Kickboxing Championship.
Now, with the upcoming Chavez: Cage of Glory, which will have a multi-city rollout beginning in September, 2013, Hector directed the film and co-stars with respected actors Danny Trejo (Machete, Machete Kill, Grindhouse, From Dusk Until Down), Steven Bauer (Scarface, Traffic), James Russo (Open Rage, Donnie Brasco, Public Enemy and the NBC hit TV show Vegas) and also with Hector’s martial arts student and UFC superstar, Heath Herring . 
Danny Trejo (Mondo) has become of Hollywood’s favorite bad guys. Early on in his life, Trejo faced a lot of problems on the streets of Los Angeles, became a known street fighter and eventually landed in jail, which lead him to clean up his life. Soon after his release his acting career began, and now he is one of the most recognizable Latino actors in film and television. Trejo is known for memorable roles in Grindhouse, the Machete films, and Heat, as well as hit TV shows Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and Bones.

Steven Bauer (Father Jose) is best known for his memorable role as Manny Ribera in Scarface, which performance earned him a Gloden Globe nomination. Critics have praised his most recent role on the hit show, Breaking Bad, as a Mexican drug lord.
Patrick Kilpatrick (John Stone) is well known for his notable villain roles alongside action stars, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Schwarzenegger, and Steven Seagal. He has made over 85 appearances in movies and on television, including Star Trek, The X Files, and 24.
James Russo (Tony) might be one of the industry’s most prolific actors- he is credited in over 90 films. Russo is best known for his roles in Beverly Hills Cop and Donnie Brasco, his most recent feature appearance was in the highly praised opening scene of Django Unchained. Russo is also a talented screenwriter, who wrote the film Motel, starring Robert DeNiro, to be released later this year.
Heath Herring (Cage Fury) has become a feared heavyweight MMA fighter, best known for his memorable fights against the biggest names in UFC, including Brock Lesner. Herring achieved a form of worldwide notoriety for a viral video of the fastest knock-out in MMA history: his opponent planted a kiss on Herring to get a rise out of him, and seconds later was carried out of the ring, knocked out cold before the bell even rang!
Tony Lopez (Little John) in the MMA world is a fan favorite and two time King of the Cage Heavyweight Champion, known for his winning streaks. Tony was featured on MTV's Bully Beatdown, a reality show where real-life bullies go up against MMA fighters.


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