Monday, 26 March 2012


For subscribers in East, West and Central Africa, the five channels they will see from April 16 include the flagship AfricaMagic channel, now focused into a family themed channel, along with the dedicated AfricaMagic Movies channel, which was formerly AfricaMagic Plus. In addition, viewers will see the new AfricaMagic Movies 1 channel and the existing MagicWorld channel is also going to be rebranded into AfricaMagic World.

Rounding off the changes is a brand new channel AfricaMagic Entertainment which will serve as the home for all M-Net’s glittering and original African productions from East, West and Central Africa. The AfricaMagic channels therefore become the home to a wide range of African content while the M-Net channel (channel 102) will focus on international movies and series.
According to the Managing Director, M-Net Africa,  Biola Alabi “...It makes business sense to listen to your consumers when they express their needs and this is what we’ve done. 2012 is going to be a flagship year for AfricaMagic. We want it to be remembered as the year African viewers pushed forward a revolution in television, making African content the star of African screens!”

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